Start-up / Scale-up Services

Starting-up or scaling-up could be both exciting and challenging. In both these business contexts, the right level of attention is to be given consistently to the people and process aspects.

A survey says that though start-up founders know the criticality of these two dimensions, they end up spending very less time in these areas due to the pressure on Customer Acquisition and Funding.

Our goal in the start-up space is to ease the pressure on the business owner in this regard, by enabling them to focus on their Customers and Funding while we help them build a robust back-end.

Our suite of services for start-up companies includes

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Process Design
  • Business Metrics Design
  • Organisational Structure Design
  • Talent Acquisition to fit the business context
  • HR lifecycle process frameworks encompassing designing process frameworks covering recruitment and selection, employee engagement, compensation, training and development, performance management and exit management.
  • Project Management

If you have an idea and looking to start-up OR an SME looking to scale up to the next level, then we are here for you.

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