Common traits of Successful Sales Professionals !

Posted On : Mar 06, 2017

About the slide-icle :


Did you know? 75% of Sales people never follow-up with a prospect after the second contact AND 80% of Sales usually happens only after the 5th contact and beyond? (Source: secondary research data - NSEA).

This slide-icle primarily focuses on Early Career & Mid-Career Sales professionals, looking at enhancing their Sales Management capabilities. 


Based on interactions with successful sales professionals, given below is the summary of top 12 common traits for a successful sales career.. 


In no particular order, they are:

  • Persistence : Ability to follow up through and till logical closure
  • Endurance : Sustain to see results – ability to stay on course till success
  • Passion: The bigger 'WHY' is greater than the short term ups and downs!
  • Relationship Management: Think Win-Win and connect at a personal-professional level to understand the drivers for decision making!
  • Market Understanding: Without this, the Sales person does not exist!
  • Product / Services Market fit: In a 7 + billion world population, everyone is unique and have specific wants... Clarity on who is my market and where does my product / service add value is prime!
  • Ask the right questions : Identify unsaid requirements and provide a pro-active solution
  • Self-drive: Start from scratch and run the race with limited interventions, sometimes with new clients and sometimes even with existing clients..
  • Value to Price : Balance – Great sales people always talk about the ‘Value’ that they bring to the clients
  • Customer Centricity: The all-round understanding of the success factors and choice points for the customers and incorporate the relevant things in the way they do business!
  • Optimism: Great sales people are highly optimistic, sometimes, even to the point of sounding un-real. While the ‘realist’ in the sales person should dominate, the ‘optimist’ within him helps to set a high benchmarks.  Most importantly, the winners embrace change very comfortably whether it is process or people or technology. 
  • Solution Vs Immediate Sales opportunity : A common dilemma of a Sales person, in some cases, is whether to close the immediate sales opportunity or wait for some time to provide a slightly larger solution to the client! Yes, successful sales people always look at providing the solution to the client even if it means a short term delay in making a small opportunistic sale!


As per W. Clement Stone, a Successful Businessman and a Self-help Guru, Sales are dependent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect. 

So go ahead , create a positive impact and WIN !


Stay tuned ! 

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