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Smart Talent supports organizations achieve business goals by enabling people and process effectiveness.

Established in July 2014, we take a partnership approach with Our Clients-ranging from traditional companies to new age companies, for meeting their varied needs in different areas like Employee Experience Management, Business Process Management and Start-up / Scale-up Services.

Our Recruitment Stream caters to permanent staffing for positions across industries, across levels and across geographies.

Our Value Proposition

At Smart Talent, we partner with our clients to enable and support them to advance and stay competitive.Ability to connect with the needs and wants of the 'other side of the table', ably supported by a community of experts is what makes Smart Talent unique.


Insights column is uniquely designed to provide deeper understanding and perspective of topics centered around people and process dimensions. It covers simple easy to use theories, trends, best practices, expert opinions, hands-on experiences and success stories that helps readers make good judgement of a given situation that aids decision making. Enjoy reading !

How robust is your Metrics Management framework ?

May 11, 2017

About the article: This article shares perspectives about effective Metrics Management in an ever changing world....

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Common traits of Successful Sales Professionals !

Mar 06, 2017

About the slide-icle : Did you know? 75% of Sales people never follow-up with a prospect after the second contact AND 80% of Sales usually happens only after the 5th contact and...

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'I's of Successful Career Management

Jan 09, 2017

About the Article: For most professionals, Mid-Career is generally the time when there is clarity as to how our career h...

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Questions Corner

Looking for suggestions and inputs to optimize people and process dimensions for your organization ?

Looking for suggestions and tips on career management or how to enhance personal effectiveness?

Reach out to us @ contactus@smarttalentconsulting.com Our experts will review your questions and provide feedback and opinions that enables you to find the right solutions for your needs.

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